Let There Be Books

This is a new idea that I've thought of.   It's designed to encourage (1) the reading of good Christian books and (2) the discussion of good Christian books/theology/life.  Here's how it works. 1. You choose a book from my library.  Either come to my place or look online.

2. You give me a $20 deposit, and I give you the book to borrow.

3. You read the book on your own time, and when you finish, you return it to me.

4. I give you back your $20 deposit, and treat you to lunch/dinner with a few friends to talk about what you learned from the book.

5. You tell others about the book and the system and everybody is happy, full, and encouraged :)

Let me know if you want to give it a try!

Everlasting Praise

Love and Truth in the Apostle John