Book Review Structure

This is the structure I'll be using for book reviews.  My goal is to have each section be less than 125 words, and to keep the entire review under 1500 words, to make it an easy read!  I may update it as I write more. Quick Info

Title: Author: Year Published: Category: Tags: Priority:

Brief Summary

Priority Rated by importance, relevance, etc. (tailored specifically at the church in America).  I want necessarily justify why, but I'll try to explain a bit what I mean for each rating. 5 - One of the very best on its subject matter that I've found.  All Christians today within the intended audience should read. 4 - An immensely helpful and crucial read that would be a great book to glean from. 3 - A good read with many strengths, but not a classic. 2 - Average book with some good things.  But there are much better books on the topic. 1 - Barely helpful.  Not worth the time. 0 - Dangerous. If you have to read, read with extreme caution and discernment

Strengths A preview of good things to come.  Keeps the intended audience and topic in mind.

Prerequisites and Cautions Some books need background knowledge before reading.  This section will also have cautions, theological warnings, and calls for discernment when necessary.

Readability Judged by academic level as well as style.

Chapter Titles & Quotes Not necessarily intended to be a summary.  It will instead have paragraphs & sentences that I found especially encouraging or convicting.  If possible, I'll try to limit myself to one per chapter.


Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert - Book Review

Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert - Book Review

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