Competent to Counsel

John Street comparing special revelation (Ps 19:7-11) to general revelation (Ps 19:1-6):

And if it is true that the Word of God is greater in bringing about the glory of God in man than general revelation [and it is true], then why would the Christian want to return to the simpler and more fundamental truths of general revelation when he has a far greater life-transforming truth at his disposal?

Notice the effect of the Word in man's life [from Psalm 19]: "restoring the soul," "making wise the simple," "rejoicing the heart," "enlightening the eyes," "enduring forever," and it is "righteous altogether." The first five characteristics are participles, meaning the Word of God refreshes life, grants depths of insight, renders joy to the heart, opens the eyes of understanding, and will never be outdated. Where else can a person go to find counsel like that?

Street, John. Chapter 2 ("Why Biblical Counseling and Not Psychology") of Counseling, pg. 45

Do Not Linger

Let Us Not Be Faithless, But Believing