Article Roundup: December 2015, Part 1

Article Roundup: December 2015, Part 1


This year I'm trying something different. 

I've always appreciated good resources from others, and so I asked myself, "Why not share them with others?"  My goal is to curate the best articles from all of the various Christian blogs I follow, and then share them with you all every two weeks. 

[This idea shamelessly copied from Tim Challies at]

So, here goes the first one!  Articles are curated from December 2015.

Salvation Diagnostic: How to Know If You Are a Christian by Eric Davis at CrippleGate. 

It's like the short version of Is It Real? by John MacArthur.  It cuts to the heart of the merely religious, as well as the believing.  The call to Christ is a gloriously high calling.

"He will judge by his standard. And, according to Jesus, on that day many will be surprised when they are shut out from heaven for all eternity (Matt. 7:21-23).

"So, this matters. Eternity is at stake. This is a matter of our own souls and those of people we love."

God Is Not Fair and Christmas Proves It by Cameron Buettel at Grace to you. 

Amidst all the 'Christmas' foolishness, I love when the Bible's true message comes out.  Even though Christmas has passed, the meaning does not change!  Be sure to read Part 2 and Part 3 as well.  

7 Ways to Become a Better Sermon Listener by Christopher Ash at The Gospel Coalition. 

All Christians do this at least weekly; we might as well be good at one of the primary means of grace, no?  The rest of the series on expository preaching looks good as well.

Stop Sending Missionaries: Why More Isn't Always Better by Steve Jennings at 9Marks. 

We ought to send the best - and only the best.

"It seems that the impatience that so marks the current generation has infiltrated the missionary movement under the guise of “urgency.” This impatience, rather than being curbed by church leaders, is often fostered and even encouraged.

"And the result?

"A lot of people are going to the nations who, frankly, shouldn’t be going—at least not yet."

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