For Freedom, Oppose California SB 1146 2016

For Freedom, Oppose California SB 1146 2016

I make it a point to stray away from making purely political statements on this blog.  I do not have much knowledge in this realm, and even fools, when they keep quiet, are considered wise.

Today, I'm making an exception.

Earlier this morning, The Master's Seminary posted an article on behalf of The Master's College titled An Imminent Attack on Religious Liberty, explaining California SB 1146.  Albert Mohler, President of Southern Seminary & Boyce College, spoke about the bill in The Briefing, summarizes the proposed catastrophe.  

If California voters pass this bill, it will mark the wholesale destruction of American society.  I know that's dramatic; I'm not given to hyperbole.  America has reached, and passed, many tipping points, but after this goes, free institution as we know it, not just Christian institutions, will cease to exist. 

The TMS article encourages us to (1) share the article, (2) contact our legislators and oppose the bill [here], and (3) pray.  Please join me.

1. This article is my way of spreading the news.

2. I wrote the following blurb to the legislation; feel free to use and edit it as well.

I am firmly opposed to California Bill SB 1146.  As I understand it, if passed this bill will no longer protect any institution from being charged with discrimination — even in affairs of conscience, personal conviction, or religion.  

This bill ought not be passed because it violates one of essential elements of what it means to be human — the right to choose.  

I know you already believe this.  For example, you wouldn't hire a man to be the coach of your  professional basketball team if he hated basketball.  You also wouldn't recruit a man who hates basketball to play on your basketball team.  You would much rather prefer men who love basketball to coach and to play on your team.  You have the right to choose, in fact, a moral obligation, to discriminate against those men who hate basketball in favor of other men who love basketball.  

In the same way, if a school says its missions statement is to help students to live as Christians who believe and live out the Bible, then it is morally obligated for that school to hire only professors and admit only students who profess to believe to believe and live by that Bible.  Just as you shouldn't chose those who have anything less than love for basketball to be part of your basketball team, the Christian school also shouldn't choose those who have any less than love for the Bible to be part of its school.  

But now, introduce California Bill SB 1146.  This bill would allow for schools to be sued for such 'discrimination,' thus allowing society to sue Christian schools for something that we both agree is not only acceptable, but a morally duty.

I plead with you, regardless of your sentiments for or against Christians and the Bible, to do the very thing that we would also do for you - to defend your right to believe and live by your beliefs.  I hope and pray that you would do everything in your power to oppose Bill 1146.  May God be merciful to you.

3. Lastly, I pray this:

Father, we as a nation have abandoned Your ways, Your Truth, Your statutes.  We are Sodom and Gomorrah, even worse for Your gospel and Spirit once reigned in these lands.  Oh, we deserve no good from Your hand, but for Your great glory, for Your own renown, be merciful, O Lord.  Relent of the judgment and strike us instead with the fear of God, that we would tremble before Your holy righteousness.  Expose our foolishness to our own eyes that we would weep at our sin, our pride that we would strike our breasts in conviction, our depravity that we would cry out to You for salvation.  

You have been merciful before; would you not be merciful again, my Father?  Keep the light of the gospel lit in this wicked nation, for the sake of Your Son, for His fame and glory.  In Christ, amen.

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