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Fix Your Eyes On the Cross of Christ

Shall we give entertainment unto that, or hearken unto its dalliances, which wounded, which pierced, which slew our dear Lord Jesus? God forbid! Fill your affections with the cross of Christ, that there may be no room for sin. The world once put him out of the house into a stable, when he came to save us; let us now turn the world out of doors, when he is come to sanctify us.

Do You Love Your Jesus?

…Love to the Lord Jesus Christ is no hidden, secret, impalpable thing. It is like the light — it will be seen. It is like sound — it will be heard. It is like heat — it will be felt. Where it exists it cannot be hid. Where it cannot be seen you may be sure there is none.

Born to Die

When Christ came into the world He says, "I did not come to make sacrifices for sin. I came to take on a body, to do God's will. I came to be the sacrifice." Jesus came to be the sacrifice for sin. The once-for-all sacrifice, the sacrifice that all of the animal sacrifices pointed to. Why did He come into the world? Why did He take on a human body? Why do we celebrate Christmas? Because Jesus came to die as the sacrifice for sin.