The Author


Welcome to my blog! My name is Keith Fong.  By the Lord's grace, I am a Christian; I hold to the historic, Protestant, Reformed faith. For my testimony, please see my post here.

I worship and serve at Lighthouse Community Church in Torrance, CA and blog in my spare time.

Why The Art of Godliness?
I started blogging in 2009, mainly for my own reflection.  Through several different iterations, the site grew from a collection of my own personal thoughts about God and Scripture into its current state now: a more comprehensive set of tools, resources, and media for Christians desiring to live like Christ.

I believe that we keep what we give away, and so I try to write about the things I'm learning in my own Christian walk.  I tend to write most about biblical missions, church fundamentals, spiritual disciplines, and Christian books.

If you'd like to get a hold of me, please use the form here.

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