Weekly Roundup: 2019.02.18

John Calvin on man’s free will and his depravity, a riveting video about The Extraordinary Design of the Universe by Is Genesis History, an article about how an understanding of total depravity destroys attractionalism by Alex Duke at 9Marks, and a commentary on identity politics by Al Mohler.

The Key to Making the Most Out of Congregational Singing by Tim Challies, The Strongest Men Are Gentle by David Mathis, and Albert Mohler speaking about Marie Kondo.

The Greatest of All Virtues

Haters keep on hating and liars keep on lying.  Churches keep on splitting and couples keep on sinning.  Suspicion, presumption, and deception leave the battlefield littered with their victims.  Bitterness, selfishness, retaliation, slander, and impatience — these are not the instruments and tools of love, are they?  Fears, fakery, and faithlessness give the devil a foothold to lead our hearts astray. If we are the people of God of love, ought not we be loving as He loves?