Weekly Roundup: 2019.05.13

Kevin DeYoung on the Canons of Dort and the gift of faith, Sinclair Ferguson on how to mortify sin, Dale Ralph Davis on the Spirit and His work in understanding Scripture, and John Calvin on how the Spirit irradiates/illuminates the human mind to see the glory of the gospel of Jesus Christ. .

A Faith Fortified by the Word of God

Faith, as Paul declares (Eph 6:16), is our shield, which receiving these darts, either ward them off entirely, or at least breaks their force, and prevents them from reaching the vitals. Hence when faith is shaken, it is just as when, by the violent blow of a javelin, a soldier standing firm is forced to step back and yield only a little; and again when faith is wounded, it is as if the shield were pierced, but not perforated by the blow.

Weekly Roundup: 2019.05.08

On overcoming problems with the power of God by Clint Archer, a plea to preachers to explain the text and the methodology, how to deal with people who grow slowly by Eric Davis, and false faith that withers away and is no better than that of the devils by John Calvin.

Weekly Roundup: 2019.04.22

Kevin Deyoung on the critically important word “propitiation,” Mike Riccardi on the insanity of aChristian who boasts in himself, and John Calvin on the necessity of humility and always learning in the Christian life.

Weekly Roundup: 2019.04.17

John Calvin on the phrase “[Christ] descended into hell”, Sinclair Ferguson with an insightful article about joy in God, John MacArthur with a pungent article on the insufficiency of worldly philosophy but the sufficiency of Christ, and an article by 9Marks exhorting pastors to explain how they reached their conclusions about the Scriptural text.