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Dear Biblical Counselor

Is Jesus still marvelous to you, dear counselor? Or has He become yet another tool in your counselor’s toolbox? Is He merely the means to some nebulous end of Christian maturity, or is He more? Is not true Christian maturity marked by a heart caught up by, enthralled by, completely won by the grace and truth of the Lord Jesus Christ? The Son of God became the Son of Man that sons of men might become sons of God. Friend, let us cherish that above all! To whom shall we go? He has the words of eternal life; He is the resurrection and the life! Christ is the Beloved of all creation, God’s only begotten Son in whom He is well-pleased (Mt 3:17). Is Christ your Beloved? Are you pleased in Him?

Five Lessons From Biblical Counseling Training

Through the training, I came to understand that biblical counseling is better defined as “intense biblical friendship and discipleship, as counselor(s) walk alongside a counselee through his sin and suffering, to help him behold Jesus Christ as both perfectly sufficient and ultimately satisfying in every trial and temptation, repent of his unrighteousness and the idols of his heart, and put on the righteousness of Christ according to the commands of Scripture, so that God would be glorified in his heart, his relationships, and indeed his entire life.”

Biblical Counseling, the Hole in My Holiness

I am still very, very new to biblical counseling. But the sails are unfurled, the ship is sailing, and the skies are bright and sunny. I am excited to learn how to best love someone, by helping someone apply the truths of Scriptures to their life, that they might be enthralled with Jesus Christ and love Him all the more. Is there any greater ministry than that? I know of none.

The Greatest of All Virtues

Haters keep on hating and liars keep on lying.  Churches keep on splitting and couples keep on sinning.  Suspicion, presumption, and deception leave the battlefield littered with their victims.  Bitterness, selfishness, retaliation, slander, and impatience — these are not the instruments and tools of love, are they?  Fears, fakery, and faithlessness give the devil a foothold to lead our hearts astray. If we are the people of God of love, ought not we be loving as He loves?

What Makes Me A Christian

Christian knowledge, experience, doctrine, morality, deeds, etc. are indeed good.  But they are the fruit, the results, and the evidences, not the substance. They are the harmonies and riffs, the tempos and the rhythms of the Christian song, but not the melody.  Or, to put the question more bluntly, what is the sine qua non of Christianity?  

Ten Years a Christian

Ten years ago this day, the Lord made me a Christian. If God had given me only salvation, and then misery and death the rest of my life, it would have been abundant grace and far more than I deserve.  

But He has given me so much more.  

Sayonara, 2017!

As I reflect on the year, the overwhelming sense is one of content satisfaction; it has been a good year.  And thus, I must give all praise to the sovereign God, who has been exceedingly kind to me.