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Ephesians 2:6 — New Life and True Life

It wouldn't take much to prove Christianity wrong.

Any atheist, any evolutionist, any Jew, any religionist knows it.  If I were them, and I were to set out to prove that Jesus, the Bible, Christianity, etc. were all a lie, I would go for the jugular.  I would go for the one thing upon which all of Christianity stands, the one thing which validates all other hopes, the one claim of the Bible, about which all other truths orbit. 

For if I could show that this one thing, that one doctrine, were not true, it would prove definitively, once and for all, that Jesus Christ and everything associated with Him, was a sham, a myth, a lie. 

What is that doctrine?  It's not the literal six-day creation.  It's not the coming judgment of the world.  It's not the existence of miracles.  It's not the existence of Satan.  It's not hell. 

It's the resurrection - the real, literal, bodily, physical resurrection of Jesus Christ.