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To Every Man Who Will Die

Let us not have to say in a hesitating way one to another, "I trust he is happy; he talked so nicely one day; and he seemed so pleased with a chapter in the Bible on another occasion; and he liked such a person, who is a good man."

Do You Love Your Jesus?

…Love to the Lord Jesus Christ is no hidden, secret, impalpable thing. It is like the light — it will be seen. It is like sound — it will be heard. It is like heat — it will be felt. Where it exists it cannot be hid. Where it cannot be seen you may be sure there is none.

I Know Thy Works, Hypocrite

Oh! believe me, hypocrisy is a losing game. It will never answer to seem one thing and be another; to have the name of Christian, and not the reality. Be sure, if your conscience smites you and condemns you in this matter — be sure your sin will find you out.