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Weekly Roundup: 2019.07.19

Articles on the heart of John Calvin, 3 types of legalism, and 4 ways to deepen small group prayer; a short video on the church and evolution; and a quote on how hard it is for young men to become shepherds.

Weekly Roundup: 2019.04.01

J.C. Ryle on prayer, Kevin DeYoung about feeling bad about stuff (shame), Carl Trueman on what miserable Christians are to sing, Clint Archer on the cost of Christianity, and Albert Mohler on Azusa Pacific’s flip-flopping.

Bible Study During a Revival

I was the first to leave, sometime between 12:30 and 1:00 A.M., as I still had some preparation to do for my class at 8:00 A.M. the next morning. The pastor assured me that this was a fairly normal Wednesday evening."

To Neglect To Pray

To neglect to pray is to neglect to breathe. To neglect to pray for His glory is to extinguish the fire in my soul. To neglect to pray for God’s favor and grace upon the day is to rely on my own wisdom and strength apart from Him. To neglect to pray for His people in my church is to ignore the saints He has given me to love. To neglect to pray that He would send His people into the plentiful harvest is to scorn His glorious name. To neglect to pray for God to save sinners is to surrender my yet-to-be-saved brothers and sisters to hell. To neglect to pray is to sin.