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What Makes Me A Christian

Christian knowledge, experience, doctrine, morality, deeds, etc. are indeed good.  But they are the fruit, the results, and the evidences, not the substance. They are the harmonies and riffs, the tempos and the rhythms of the Christian song, but not the melody.  Or, to put the question more bluntly, what is the sine qua non of Christianity?  

Ten Years a Christian

Ten years ago this day, the Lord made me a Christian. If God had given me only salvation, and then misery and death the rest of my life, it would have been abundant grace and far more than I deserve.  

But He has given me so much more.  

Sayonara, 2017!

As I reflect on the year, the overwhelming sense is one of content satisfaction; it has been a good year.  And thus, I must give all praise to the sovereign God, who has been exceedingly kind to me.  

Calloused to the Word of God

This is terrifying.  How does a man turn into a mere hearer?  After all, he listens to the same word as the doer.  He sits in the same church building, sees the same preacher, hears the same preaching, and might even take the same notes.  He hears the points, the applications, the exhortations, and yet, he is a mere hearer; he does not do what the Word of God says.  Why?  Or rather, how? 

To Neglect To Pray

To neglect to pray is to neglect to breathe. To neglect to pray for His glory is to extinguish the fire in my soul. To neglect to pray for God’s favor and grace upon the day is to rely on my own wisdom and strength apart from Him. To neglect to pray for His people in my church is to ignore the saints He has given me to love. To neglect to pray that He would send His people into the plentiful harvest is to scorn His glorious name. To neglect to pray for God to save sinners is to surrender my yet-to-be-saved brothers and sisters to hell. To neglect to pray is to sin.

What is Christian Contentment? (Part 2)

Contentment is chosen freely, in that "you will not only be content and quiet your hearts after a great ado, but as soon as you come to see that it is the hand of God" your heart will be content.  It is not a forced submission, a "must" of duty.  Rather if you are content you will say, "Readily and freely I will be content."  And thus, contentment does not come through ignorance or an inability to feel or comprehend, but through eyes that understand and yet with sanctified judgment still chooses to be content.

2017 G3 Conference Review

So by the last day, I was ready to go home, ready to go home and love the people for whom Christ had died, ready to serve them with greater love and greater zeal.  And that's what you want from a Christian conference, right?  So, I thank the Lord for G3, and may He continue to do His work through it!

The Only Love You Need

But au contraire, that is not our generation.  For all the fascinations and fixations on love, we can't seem to get to the heart of the matter.  The heart keeps on aching.  The breakups keep on breaking.  The feelings of euphoria rise, and then crash and burn.  The memories that once warmed now sear and cut.  You say you'll learn from it, grow from it, be better for it - but you don't really.  Instead, after all the failure, the soul is left calloused, decrepit, cold.